Welcome to I love 92.1

Welcome To 92.1


We welcome you and are happy to have you here at 92.1’s blog. We love our classic rock enough to start a web page for it. We will also be using it for a blog. That may or may not follow music, but it will be informative non the less.

We really miss the glory days and power ballades of years past. The music that moved you when you heard it. Made you feel like you wanted to run a marathon in record time! Where has it all gone? Where has the heart in music gone? Passion is harder to find in good rock these days. There is a little in pop, but we aren’t going to go there in this blog.

So what do you think of todays rock? Does it fill the needs for you in what you want to hear or are you reverting to older classic stations like 92.1? Some days it is hard to wake up  and hear Motley Crew playing and it being reverted to  as classic rock! Where has time gone!

Even if we go back to Beatles it just felt good as music. Real music, talking about real stuff. Todays just feels forced and missing that feeling. We all know that timeless feel when say “Born in the USA” comes on and you may not even like Bruce Springsteen but it just grabs you. Thats the only song of his I will even listen to, but it is timeless. What has come out in the past 10 years that is truly timeless? I can’t think of anything off the top of my head but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything. This is where you need to chime in and give your thoughts. I am more then open to being corrected, so please, jump in at any time.

Enjoy your stay and lets get blogging!

Update: I am adding on all my social media so please be sure to like and comment. Let me know other videos and music you would like to see posted.

Greatest Rock Bands Ever!

Guns N Roses, considered one of the greatest rock bands of all time. They really live up to the hype and energy you would ever want in a true rock band. Exploding performances, drama in the news, rebels at heart. Not to mention one of the greatest guitar players of all time, Slash.

Voted in VH1’s Top 10 Rock bands of all times. They join the company of The Beattles, The Who,  Pink Floyd, and a few others. That is no small feat considering some of those rock bands have been around for half of a century, yet GNR only since the 1990’s. They really came storming into everyone’s lives with their debut smash hit “Welcome to the Jungle”. This song single handedly yelled out that rock was not dead just yet. Appetite for destruction went on to go multi platinum with multiple top chart hits including “Sweet Child Oh Mine”.

A couple albums later, GNR scored again with another rock anthem in “November Rain”. This being one of their biggest smash hits ever. The lengthy video plays back on thriller type feel by turning it into a short film. All the drama, storytelling, and acting of a short movie.

As if this wasn’t enough, their next hit was the poster song for the summer’s hit movie “Terminator 2”. Legendary status was truly reached by GNR in the 90’s. Not soon after the band fizzled out with the usual drama and never really picked up steam again. They managed to leave a large legacy behind with more one hits than most people would dream of.  We always love to toy with “what if”, but honestly, they had a great run.

Let us know who you think is the greatest rock band ever. Leave a comment below or write us who and why you think they are the best.